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Open multiple files in latest version(16.10.0) VS old Version (2.15)


In the old version I can open multiple files with different formats together in one instance of groupDocs using below code but when I upgraded GroupDocs to latest version 16.10 I couldn't find the way to do the same.

open multiple files is an important functionality in my product, can you please help me how i can open multiple files in the new version.

My Code -->
string DocID = Request.Params.Get("DocID");
string DocnLink = Request.Params.Get("DocnLink");

List streamlist = new List();
streamlist = FileHandler.OpenAllFilesGroupDocs(DocID, DocnLink);
IEnumerable streamDefinition = GetStreamDefinition(streamlist);
inlineDocPreviewScript = Viewer.ClientCode()
.Streams(streamDefinition, "Files")
// The contents are added to the HeadControl
HeadControl.Controls.Add(new Literal() { Text = scriptLibraries });
// The contents are added to the BodyControl
BodyControl.Controls.Add(new Literal() { Text = inlineDocPreviewScript });



Hi Farah,

Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

First of all, we want you to know that the next generation GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET (starting version 3.0) is different from the earlier versions. The front end UI has been disintegrated from the back-end API and it is now a back-end document processing API that renders the documents into HTML pages and images. These rendered HTML pages and images can be viewed using the front end application.

Secondly, we have made the front end UI applications open sourced and you can modify these applications or add more features to them as per your requirements.

Furthermore, loading multiple files in same instance is not a builtin feature of the back-end API. Also, you can not use old methods to achieve this functionality using next generation GroupDocs.Viewer API. Hence, you can incorporate your own logic/code in the back-end code of open source applications to render multiple files in the same instance of front end viewer.

You can download the source code of the open source applications from below links.

If you want to develop you own document viewer application from scratch, you can get the help from the following application.

If you would have any confusion or questions, please feel free to ask.

Warm Regards