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Opening Annotation From Stream Problem



We’re implemented Annotation and Viewer in our project. Yesterday i found a strange situation in Annotation. When you open annotation from stream comment numbers background color in the comment panel is default and same for all users. But in your example they are in different colors for each collabrator. After a long tring session i found the problem. You can download my example from here

If i open annotation from stream it creates two annotation session. My code like .stream(stream, “filename.ext”) you can see it in my example too. After that if you control filesessions.json you can see the two sessions one is “filename.ext”:int, second is “temp\s\filename.ext”:int.

The important part in here is annotationcollabrabtors use “filename.ext” sessions(I think its beacuse i give “filename.ext” when i adding collabrator) but annotations use “temp\s\filename.ext” sessions. Thats why annotations returns correctly but collabrators dont. Because annotation looks the other session. Its kind a confusing but annotations works except colors as far as i know. But it can cause more damage later.

I found its solution too. If i use “temp\s\filename.ext” in addcollabrator method it fixes the my color issue. But im afraid to it can cause problems later (I dont know in export annotation or download annotation). Maybe you should check it once more.

Also filesessions.json is case sensitive thats why if file extension is same but it has lower-upper case different annotation creates two different sessions. Like below example. I think atleast file extensions shouldnt be case sensitive.
“temp\S\15834A236E1E36C0EFDD43B10E42F6D2.docx”: 50038,
“temp\S\15834A236E1E36C0EFDD43B10E42F6D2.Docx”: 50039

Sorry for long message, Its not a bug i guess but in your demo you use “candy.pdf” for adding collabrators and creating annotation widget. Also you use filesystem to create widget not stream. When i tried to create from stream i used same filenames and i faced upper issues. It takes couple hours to figured it out how i should use it correctly. My last and final opinion is if you could use “filename.ext” instead “temp\s\filename.ext” it could be better.

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Thank you for the request. We have created a Investigation ticket and attached it to this thread. Our Product team will investigate it and then when I will get any news about it I will notify you here.

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Sorry for the delay. We have fixed the issue. Please download new library here.

Also please note that soon we will release a next generation Annotation library and you will need to migrate on it. More info about it I will share with you after release.

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Thank you for your help and notification. I’ll check it as soon as possible.

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I tried to download new library from your link but it needs access permission. I send a request, can you accept it(



Please try to use this link

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So sorry for late response. I couldnt find a time to test earlier. I tested it, my second issue(about file extension issue) is fixed but first issue still happening. If i open a document with .stream(stream, “filename.ext”), stil annotation creates two different sessions in filesession.json.

I downloaded my example and change dll’s, i give you new version of it. You can control it from here



Thank you for the request. This is a known bug and our Product team already work on it. I will notify you when it will be fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.