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Option to skip empty rows and columns when converting an excel file in Java

a while back we had a bug that dealt with empty rows in excel spreadsheets. ya’ll provided a fix for that by creating a new method off PdfSaveOptions.getCellsOptions() called setSkipEmptyRowsAndColumns().

in the latest groupdocs-conversion the PdfSaveOptions does not have a getCellsOptions() method defined on it and i can’t seem to locate where the setSkipEmptyRowsAndColumns() call has gone.

can you point me in the right direction?



Are you facing this in GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 19.6.3?

yes. 19.6.3. it’s also true for 19.6


CellsLoadOptions loadOptions = new CellsLoadOptions(); 

Using code above, you can skip empty rows and columns. Then you have to pass loadOptions to convert method.

ConvertedDocument convertedDocumentPath = conversionHandler.<String> convert(guid,loadOptions, saveOption);

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

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seems to be working. thanks!

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You are welcome.