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OutOfMemoryException while converting xlsx files


XLSX file conversion returns convertResult.State == ConversionState.Failed. File can be any size, the minimal tested file is 9 kb. In ErrorMessage field - OutOfMemoryException.



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. Sorry but from your post is not clear how reproduce the issue. Could you please provide more info about it:
1. Project type - Web Forms, MVC, Console etc.
2. Which version of the Conversion library you use?
3. Code example

Thank you.

1. Project type - Web Forms
2. v.
3. Code example is attached


Hi again,

Thank you for these info. I have tried to convert your file to the pdf with a common Conversion example and it was converted successfully. Since that the issue reason is in your code. Unfortunately because of a lot of dependencies in your code which I don’t have I can’t debug it.
If it’s possible you can share with me small example of you project which have only this functional and required libs - I will be able to debug and fix it for you.

Thank you.