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Output generated by Groupdocs for Excel to Html is not same as that of Aspose

I have converted excel file to HTML using Aspose.Cells. The resulting HTML has different HTML files for each sheets and it shows all sheets in tabular format similar to excel.

But when I try the same conversion using Groupdocs, it generates only one HTML file with all the sheets added sequentially in the same page similar to a word document.
So, I just want to know why are there two different outputs for the same file in Aspose and Groupdocs?

Is there any configuration change we can do to make the Groupdocs output same as that of Aspose?

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In order to investigate this issue/scenario, we need following details:

  • GroupDocs and Aspose API versions that you evaluated (e.g. 20.5, 20.10)
  • Sample GroupDocs.Conversion code
  • Source and resultant files (generated using Aspose and GroupDocs APIs)