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Overlaping under the groupdoc viewer control

I have a paging drop down below the group doc html host controller.If i try to change drop down page count and when it overlap the html content area, page drop down get under html control, how can i display my page count drop down above the controller.See the attachmentoverlaping.png (11.8 KB)


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET. The issue seems to be in the front end application and it is not related to the GroupDocs.Viewer API. However, we would like you to share with us the source code of the application (could be a sample application reproducing this behavior) so that we can check it at our end. We look forward to hearing from you.

Because we are rendering data to webbrowser control " ",so that make sense that it has to do with webbrowser control and nothing to do with group doc data right?This happens only when group doc data is rendered on control.before rendering its fine.See screen shot 1 and 2before edneringdata.png (196.1 KB)
Afterendringgroupdocdata.png (13.3 KB). You can see menu get cut off after data like the paging drop down


Thanks for your response.

Yes, you are right. The issue seems to be with the layout of the application where the dropdown might be getting hidden by the WebBrowser control.