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PDF comparison issue in CompareWith method.Comparison using .NET

I face a problem when testing the compare functions on pdf documents that we produce with our software. The pdfs have about 17 pages.

The error appears immediately after calling the Compare() Function on the documents The error is: ‘Error convert to model in CompareWith method.Comparison cannot convert document to normal model.’

I’m not allowed to upload the doucments to the public here.

Any help? We doing tests on our evaluation licence and want to decide whether to buy a full licence or not. Hope to get an answer soon.

Best, Harald

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Please share following details and we’ll investigate your scenario:

  • API version (e.g. 19.10, 20.3)
  • Sample code to reproduce the issue
  • Problematic documents (If you don’t want to upload them here, please share those documents in a private message.)

Hi Thanks for your quick reply,

Here the requested infos:
API: GroupDocs.Comparison 20.3.1 according to NuGet
Sample Code:
string recordedFile = @“C:…\Finanzierungsvorschlag_9259_27042020_19_10_47_213.pdf”;
string FileName = @“C:…\Finanzierungsvorschlag_9268_28042020_09_26_29_445.pdf”;
string resultFile = @“C:…\Result.pdf”;

using (Comparer comparer = new Comparer(recordedFile))
Files: see private message.

Thanks for you support!


Thanks for sharing the details. This issue is reproduced at our end, we’ll now further investigate it. Hence, we’ve logged it in our internal issue tracking system with ID COMPARISONNET-2293. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.

Any update on this issue, am also facing the same issue when comparing two pdfs using Groupdocs 20.7


Can you please share the problematic PDF files?