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PDF comparison issues



I am have several issues with PDF Comparison. We use the PHP interface, but I have the same issues using our online account. If I am missing something, please feel free to set me on the right track.

1) I have run three comparisons so far and two of them have failed (both via PHP and via online). The status comes back as “Postponed”. Are there limitations to what must be in the PDF?

2) The Comparison viewer appears to be very slow when just loading the document via the URL in an iframe.

3) Is there a redline display mode? The current Comparison viewer has a nice list of changes, but when you click on one, it display this tiny little arrow. You then have to hover over the arrow and a popup comes up, but it does not say which version it is from. A redline mode would be really helpful. Even if the results are in html, not PDF.

4) Is PDF Comparison ready for alive site, or is it still an early release?




We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. We have checked your account and found out that the remaining embeddings are 0.

As for failed comparing - could you please check if the word2word comparing is failed too or not.

Sorry but GroupDocs.Comparison for cloud doesn’t have display mode.

Yes, GroupDocs.Comparison is ready for live web site.