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PDF comparison - text in table is broken in .NET

Hello Support team, we are comparing two PDF documents that are approximately 49 pages and file size 649 KB. we tried to performing using .NET package GroupDocs.Comparison version, we are try to comparing PDF document context that have Table content data,while we compare inside table text broken after comparison of two PDF Doc files.
Please ref screenshot with attached pdf files
SampleTESTFileComparedOutput.JPG (16.7 KB)
SampleTESTFileComparedOutput002.JPG (82.5 KB)

SampleTESTFile.JPG (77.0 KB)

Please Ref PDF file .TestSamplePages.pdf (217.8 KB)
TestSampleComparedOutputPages.pdf (216.1 KB)

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Can you please share both source and target files? We’ll then investigate this issue at our end.

sure atir tahir,
please find attach PDF original and modified files
LMA Flexible PreCurvedOrginal.pdf (713.8 KB)

LMA Flexible PreCurvedModified.pdf (1.1 MB)

thanks for Reply

GuruKarun javvid
DdiSmart tech (MakroCare clinical Research)

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Thank you for the details. This issue is reproduced at our end. Hence, we’ve logged it in our internal issue tracking system with ID COMPARISONNET-2389. It will be now further investigated and resolved. As there’s any progress, you’ll be notified.