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Pdf file contain kaiu.ttf chinese word- is not getting displayed properly in Groupdocs viewer

Hi Sir,
I'm using GroupDocs.Viewer.WebForm.FrontEnd project to display pdf file.
View in HTML mode isn't display properly.
View in Image mode watermarkText isn't display.
Please ref attach zip file, thanks.


Hi Ho,

Thank you for using our WebForm Front End,

I am unable to reproduce the issue at my side.Therefore, I would like to suggest you to use our github example project( either in C# or VB) to generate and verify the Viewer 3.0.0 API output.

Actually Front Ends/ sample projects are open sourced user can change it by himself. Our exact product which we are selling is UI less GroupDocs.Viewer 3.0.0 API. I am attaching the output (images and html files) of your provided files. These are generated by using our example project. Please verify that whether the output is correct or not.

Many Thanks


The issues you have found earlier (filed as VIEWERNET-476) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi Muhammad,
I use GroupDocs.Viewer.Examples.CSharp Demo project to generate html files.
The html files have the same problem.
Code in program.cs (ViewGenerator.RenderDocumentAsHtml(@"f1.pdf", 1,1); )

I think because "@font-face" style.
You can ref my attach zip file, include 1_f1.html ~ 4_f1.html and show in edge image file (1_f1_htmlInEdge.png).

After I try
ViewGenerator.RenderDocumentAsImages(@"factsheet.pdf", "Show me as watermark", Color.Black);
output jpg file doesn't contain watermark .
I'm using
Groupdocs.Viewer version is
VS 2015
.NET 4
Windows 10 Pro

Thank you for your help.


Hi Ho,

Thank you for your explanation.

We are working on your inquiry and will get back to you once our initial investigation completes.

Please stay tune!


Hi Ho,

At our side no font was being disturbed in any case. Also the output had no issue.

I have put a sample project at remote location for you. Please download it from here and check your files again.

Thank you

Hi Umar,
I use your project to see f1.pdf and change useHtmlBasedEngine to true.
The problem will happen.

I check cache\f1.pdf\img\0x0px\page1 content, font-face style is
src:url("data:application/octet-stream;base64,... ") format("woff");

change to


pag1 show in Edge is correct.
Thank for your help.


Hi Ho,

Thank you for your explanation,

I have been successful to reproduce the issue this time. Now the issue has been logged into our issue tracking system. You would be informed through this forum thread as any update would have been taken place.

Have a nice day!

Hi Umar,
Thank for your help.
Have a nice day.


You are welcome!