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PDF Parsing Extracts only 4 Pages in C#

I encountered an issue when trying to parse a pdf file, I am able to get only the first 4 pages of the document.
I am using the .NET version of the groupdocs.parser
this is the test file that I am using - cookies.pdf (1.5 MB)
and this is the extraction code:

var license = new License();
license.SetLicense(“license file path”);
string text;
using (Parser parser = new Parser(“filepath”))
using (TextReader reader = parser.GetText())
text = reader == null ? “Text extraction isn’t supported” : reader.ReadToEnd();


We cannot reproduce this issue at our end. Full PDF is parsed at our end. Please have a look at this screenshot.png (379.3 KB). Make sure your license is valid. Otherwise, have a look at the API evaluation limitations. Or you can share your license file with us in a Private Message.

Thanks for the quick reply Atir.
I sent you my license file, it supposed to be a full access license

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Could you please share or show us the results? We are still getting full content of the PDF using the license you shared - screenshot.png (677.4 KB).

this is the result that i get.
image.png (275.7 KB)
some details about my working environment:
os: mac os monterey
ide: rider 2020.3.4
i9 mac with 32gb ram