PDF - the Producer and Creator field will be changed to "Aspose..."


When we try to remove personal data of PDF files using GroupDocs.metadata library, we find the Producer field will be changed to “Aspose .Pdf for .Net 16.12.0”. And the Creator field will be changed to “Aspose Ltd.”

Can we make them empty, not changing them to “Aspose…”?



We have forwarded this issue to our product team and will let you know about the possibility of removing the producer field entirely once we get a reply from them. looking forward to your cooperation in this regard.



Kindly provide us with the code that is producing this issue. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.


Here is the code


/// Updates XMP Data of Pdf file

public static void UpdateXMPProperties()
// initialize Pdfformat
PdfFormat pdfFormat = new PdfFormat(Common.MapSourceFilePath(filePath));

                // get pdf schema
                PdfPackage pdfPackage = pdfFormat.XmpValues.Schemes.Pdf;

                // update keywords
                pdfPackage.Keywords = "literature, programming";

                // update pdf version
                pdfPackage.PdfVersion = "1.0";

                // pdf:Producer could not be updated

                //save output file...


Thank you for providing the code.We’ll get back to you in case of further updates.