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PDF to Doc and Doc to PDF conversion


We’re trying to convert pdf-doc and then back to doc-pdf. The first conversion to doc is okay, but once doc is converted back to pdf, only squares with question marks appear.

Language: Japanese
Programming Language: Java
Version: 19.10.3


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Can you please share the actual PDF file? Secondly, we’d recommend you to migrate to API version 20.10. Please have a look at these migration notes. Let us know if you face same issue with latest API release.

Hi @atirtahir3 ,

Kindly check this file below. Thanks!
Jap1.pdf (56.9 KB)


Please have a look at these output (2.9 MB). We converted the provided PDF to DOC and then DOC to PDF. Let us know if these outputs have any issue. We used API version 20.6.