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PHP API seems to be broken


Having some trouble with the API all of the sudden. My StorageAPI requests to upload documents are coming up with this result below (no guid, etc.). I updated all my libs on composer (seems like there was a recent update), but still getting results that look like this, even though the document is successfully being upload (url works, but no guid…very odd) :

[3/7/13 11:18:12 PM] Greg Herrington: (
[result] => stdClass Object
[adj_name] => Memorandums of Understanding[Fellers & Herrington, LLP (greg.herrington)][version no. 82].doc
[url] =>
[type] => Words
[file_type] => Doc
[size] => 34816
[version] => 1
[thumbnail] =>
[id] =>
[guid] =>

[status] => Ok
[error_message] => 
[composedOn] => 1362716280934

[3/7/13 11:20:54 PM] Greg Herrington: no guid, etc.
[3/7/13 11:20:55 PM] Greg Herrington: …
[3/7/13 11:21:22 PM] Greg Herrington: on the swagger live api site, I’m getting this when i test uploads (this is the correct response) :
[3/7/13 11:21:23 PM] Greg Herrington: {
“result”: {
“adj_name”: “my-test-doc”,
“url”: “”,
“type”: “Words”,
“file_type”: “Docx”,
“size”: 18545,
“version”: 1,
“view_job_id”: 6038,
“thumbnail”: null,
“id”: 47924,
“guid”: “3e4b4240b14bf2c97726ee197802e30c4f91ddd7ccaac6f4a28e7d64db0e658c”
“status”: “Ok”,
“error_message”: null,
“composedOn”: 1362716555277

It also looks like you guys are no longer sending the base64 encoded thumbnail? OR is that part of the same issue?

Is there something wrong with the system right now?

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Hi Greg,

Can you confirm which Storage provider you are using – is it out in-built storage or Google/S3/Dropbox etc?

If you like you can add me on Skype and it may speed up getting to the bottom of it: billy.lundie

Best Regards,

Billy Lundie

Product Management



Billy -- I'm going to add you on Skype right now...

We are using the groupDocs built in storage right now.