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PNG to PDF created black background



When I convert a transparent PNG file to PDF through the API, the background in the generated PDF appears black. I added the PNG as an attachment for testing purposes. I can’t upload the PDF output since PDF is not a supported file type.

The same happens when I convert the file in the online dashboard.

I hope you can help me to fix this problem.




We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. WE have reproduced the issue and it will be fixed ASAP.

We will notify you when it will be fixed.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.



Can you tell me what the current status of this issue is?




Sorry for the delay. The issue is fixed, please try again and notify us with the results.



The conversion is working oke now but the quality is low. I included a attachment with on the left side the original image en on the right side the converted output.



Thank you for feedback. We glad to hear that the issue is resolved.

As for conversion quality - we have plans to improve it, in the next release of the service we will add new features such as: add output picture size and dpi.

Thank you



Can you give me an update whether the update has been implemented or not?

Thank you.


Thank you for coming back. Sorry but currently this ticket still in the queue for implementation. When we will have any updates for it we will notify you here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.