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Poor performance when using S3 storage


Hi, guys!

We’ve noticed that when we use Amazon S3 storage, the performance of the web-viewer application is a way worse than when using your native storage. For example opening of a document that is stored on S3 can consume a couple of minutes. After switching to the native storage, it takes less than a minute with the same file.

Unfortunately, now it seems that the fastest way for a customer is to download a file and open it locally than viewing it with an online viewer. At least when using S3?

Could you suggeest if there is any way to configure S3 to boost performance? Or maybe other external storage options could be a better choice?

Best regards,
Alexander Tsimbalistov


Hello Alexander,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue.

In your situation performance is dependent from different factors such as Amazon Cloud, Internet channel between Amazon server and GroupDocs Server. Please try to move your Amazon S3 storge to another server in another region, which is closer to your users. We didn't have any configurations which can affect on performance from GroupDocs side. Please try to investigate Amazon Documentation for that issue:

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.