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Possibility of Viewer Integration with Windows Forms app

Is there a possiblity of Viewer Integration or any other assembly like Annotation and conversion with Windows Forms app?

Hi Petroski,

Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs APIs.

Yes, you can integrate GroupDocs.Viewer and other GroupDocs APIs in Windows Form applications. As these are the back-end document processing APIs therefore they are independent of the type of front end applications. You can use these APIs in variety of applications such as web applications, desktop applications, web services etc.

We shall be happy to hear more from your side.

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Thanks for the quick response Usman i am glad to hear that this is possible but i dont see how can i present the generated pages in a window form generating HTML output… is it possible that i can get a sample window forms app implementing the viewer…VB or C# language dont matter?

Hi Petroski,

Thanks for writing back to us.

You can easily view the generated HTML pages in a Windows From using a WebBrowser control. For more details on WebBrowser, please visit

Furthermore, using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API, you have another option to view the document by rendering its pages as images. In this case, each page of the document will be rendered into an image and you will be able to view each image in your windows form.

If you have any confusion, please feel free to ask.
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Thanks for the answer Usman, we are using the viewer and annotation for a year now in web app but since we are planing windows forms based app i had to raise this question of weather is possible or not.
Thanks a lot for the answer. I am sure i will have a lot of question in the future depending on the development of our app… i know we had some problems making Viewer and Annotation working together side by side in our web form app… i hope everthing is settled with your new releases and that there arent any problems of these two assemblies existing together in web form or windows form.

Thanks again.

Hi Petroski,

Definitely, you will have a very good experience with next generation GroupDocs APIs as they have become even more flexible. We are always there for your assistance in case of any issue or query.

Have a nice weekend ahead.
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