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PostScript files seem to convert to a single blank page using .NET


When I convert any postscript file to TIFF, I get a blank page. I could not find a LoadPostScriptOptions nor a PostScriptFileType to attempt providing greater hints to the converter.

Things tried:

  • Other output formats including PNG and PDF
  • GroupDocs.Conversion versions 19.9 and 20.7
  • Many PostScript files

I distilled down to this simpler version which produces the results when the input file is postscript.

  public static void ConvertPostScript(string sourceFile, string newFile)
     var convertOptions = new ImageConvertOptions
        Format = ImageFileType.Tiff,

     using (var converter = new Converter(() => File.OpenRead(sourceFile))) 
        converter.Convert(() => new FileStream(newFile, FileMode.OpenOrCreate), convertOptions);

Attached, please find one of the many files that produce a blank page (in a zip file to get it uploaded).

-Jonathan (92.3 KB)


We’re investiating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-4122. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.

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