PowerPoint 2010/13/16 .PPT file - Presentation format field displays Russian text after remove metadata


I created a very simple .PPT file using PowerPoint 2010/13/16 and when I attempt to delete metadata, I notice the “Presentation format” field is being changed from “On-scree Show (4:3)” to Russian text. Here is the ppt file.



Thank you for pointing out the issue.
We have logged this issue in our internal issue tracking system under ID “METADATANET-1923” and will let you know once the issue is resolved.



Can you provide us with the sample code that you are using to delete the metadata of the provided file and is causing the issue you have mentioned. Looking forward to your response.

    // Summary:
    //     Gets presentation format.
    public string PresentationFormat { get; }

PresentationFormat is a read-only property, so we can do nothing for this property. It will display the incorrect value after we remove other properties


Thank you for providing the code.We’ll get back to you in case of further updates.



The issue you have found earlier (filed as METADATANET-1923) has been fixed in this update.


Thanks. We have verified in v17.10.1, it is fixed. After fixing, the Presentation format field will not be changed to Russian text.



Thanks for the confirmation.