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PPT Document Viewer for MVC with angularJS application


I have a requirement to show the end user PPT, PPTX, PPS etc. files on my application website. Basically we need a document viewer which can display the above files in slide show way. Is it possible to use Groupdocs document viewer for this purpose?
My application is using MVC and angularJS.
Can I add few javascript/iframe code to show the file to the end user?

If yes, then please let me know the process.


Hi Jiten,

Thanks for your query,

Yes obviously! you should use GroupDocs.Viewer 3.0.0. This API is very easy to use. We also provide open source front end sample projects, Also you can use our examples to aware with the usage of our GroupDocs.Viewer API. Even we also have published videos on to guide the developers in very precise way.

Please find below some resources to quickly get started:

GroupDocs.Viewer Downloads:
GroupDocs.Viewer Docs:
GroupDocs.Viewer Examples:
GroupDocs.Viewer Videos:

Thanks in advance