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PreLoad page count are still slow as compare to v2.x version of viewer



The same issue is raised earlier with post 12938. though it still not get resolved with viewer v3.4
so raising again with groupdocs.

In earlier version of 3.x, preloadPagesCount was not working. We can see its working better now in v3.3 but when we are loading large files (~2 MB or more). Its loading first page quickly but its taking too much time load other pages. We have set preloadPagesCount = 1. I have attached one sample PDF with this conversion (, could you please investigate on this issue and provide your comments.

We have also observed Thumbnail is taking too much time to load. Please look into this issue also.

Please acknowledge once you able to grasp the concern raised.

Puneet Rajak


Hi Puneet,

We apologize for inconvenience.

I have investigated your issue and logged it in our Issue Tracking System for investigation. We will look into it and provide update accordingly.

For the issue related to thumbnails, we have logged it in our GitHub issues. You can follow this link for further updates related to this issue.

If you have any confusions, please feel free to ask.

Have a nice weekend ahead.

Warm Regards



Please let us know any update or expected release date for this fix.

Puneet Rajak


Hi Puneet,

Currently, we don’t have any ETA related to your issue. Once we have any update or information, we will notify you without any delay,

We appreciate your patience and cooperation in this regard.

Warm Regards


Hi Team,

Can you give the customer an update on this issue please.



Hi John,

I am afraid that the issue is not resolved yet. Once we have any information, we will notify the customer via this forum thread.

If you would have any other question, please let us know.

Warm Regards