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preloadPageCount not working for html based rendering in v3.0 Viewer



I have used the following setting for the viewer:
$(function () {
filePath: fileName,
zoomToFitWidth: false,
showHeader: true,
showPaging: true,
height: 500,
showThumbnails: true,
useHtmlThumbnails: true,
useHtmlBasedEngine: true,
showSearch: true,
showZoom: true,
locale: ‘en-US’,
backgroundColor: ‘#00005C’,
preloadPagesCount: 1,
showFolderBrowser: false,
showDownload: false,
downloadPdfFile: false,
showPrint: false,
usePdfPrinting: false

We have set the preloadPageCount to 1 and during debugging we are also able to trace that in ViewDocumentParameters object throughout the execution.

still by keeping an eye on changes in Cache folder
I can surely say that first all the cache files and its supporting files are generating than after
the first page start rendering.
for small document it works fine but when dealing with large document(page size more than 25)
Viewer take very much time even rendering from the cache folder.

This is hampering the performance in great extent.
Please share the implementation of preloadPageCount method in html based rendering.



Hello Puneet,

Thank you for sharing your observations.

We are looking deeply into your raised points and will get back to you once our initial investigation completes.

Have a nice day!


Hello Puneet,

I have logged the problem in our issue tracking system. You will be informed through this form as any update would be taken place.

Thanks in advance