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Prevent user from changing annotation in .NET


When i set .AccessRights(AnnotationReviewerRights.CanView), I am able to delete annotations like Watermark, StrikeoutText, TypeWriter Tool etc. and can delete comments as well.
How to prevent user from deleting and updating the annotations.

Vishnu Patel


Thanks for your inquiry. From you query we are not sure about GroupDocs.Annotation API version. Can you please share the version of the API you integrated in the project? We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

we are using version API.


We observed that this is not a back-end API issue. Unfortunately, this feature is not completely implemented in our Front-End Project yet. We have logged this feature as an enhancement in GroupDocs.Annotation GitHub issues and will be available in newer version of our showcase project which developed using Angular JS. Please follow this link to get further updates on the issue.