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Printing Radio Buttons from HTML page


Hello All,

We are using this product for showing loads and loads of automatically generated HTML files. In those files we use a lot of radio buttons. Like in a survey or something.

When we view the HTML file, everything seems okay. The moment we want to print it, the print preview already shows empty radio buttons (radio buttons are still showing though). They also are empty when printed.

We tested this with automatically generated HTML files, but we also made a clean test HTML with just radio buttons to see if it was a problem in the document or in the viewer. The test document worked perfectly (outside the documentviewer), so we’re guessing it’s either a setting or a bug.

Could you please confirm and give us a solution?

Thanks in advance!



Thank you for the request. Could you please share with us your widget code and the example of such document.

Also will be very useful if you share step by step guide for how to reproduce it.

Thank you.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as WEB-2422) have been fixed in this update.

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I’ve added the HTML file (with .txt extension) to this message. This is what we use to test the functionality with and where we can see that it’s not working correctly.

What do you mean with ‘widget code’ ? We just have 1 .aspx page with the codebehind. What part would you like us to show you here?



.Watermark(“VNB DA " + userName + " (” + employeeID + “)”, System.Drawing.Color.Gray, WatermarkPosition.Diagonal, 70, true)

UsePdfPrinting and UseHtmlBasedEngine does not make any difference. Both no working radio buttons.


Hi again,

Thank you for the examples. I have reproduce your issue and will notify our Product team. When I will get any news from them I will notify you.

Also please note that soon we will release next generation of the Viewer with new features.

Best regards.


Is there any news concerning this problem? Right now, we cannot use the tool properly. Which, for the price we paid, is quite concerning to us.

Please respond with a possible solution.

Thank you.

PS: This is the same user as the topicstarter, except this is the account we used to buy the software (from one of your partners)



Thank you for the question. Unfortunately there is no any news for now. The issue reason is in the 3rd party library - we have notified them and wait for the fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Any news yet? We really need this fixed ASAP…



Sorry for the delay. The fix should be done in the next version of the 3rd party library. When it will be released we will share a personalized build of the Viewer with this fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Thank you for your patience. We have fixed the issue - please download library here.

Best regards.