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Problem loading scripts to open Viewer


I’m configuring GroupDocs.Viewer on my web app using the source-code available on Java Web sample app.

I changed some configurations, including the applicationPath on my Questions:
  1. Wherever I change the configurations when I’m opening my sample test page, there’s a request calling for path /document-viewer. I changed every configurations that were pointing to this path (servlet-mappings, etc.), so it doesn’t make sense the framework request path /document-viewer. When evaluating GroupDocs, I can’t change the request mapping?

  2. Is there a way to use a relative application path on my Now the value of groupdocs.viewer.applicationPath is “http://localhost:8080/docflow”, but I want to change it to a relative path, like “/docflow”. Will it work?
I’m attaching my (I renamed it to and a image showing the request for /document-viewer.


Hello Rafael,

Thank you for the details. To configure the root URL of the application you should change the URL in the contex.xml file and name of the application, to create the .war file (for example: docflow.war) .Then you will be able to call the URL of the application, as http://localhost:8080/docflow/

You shouldn't change the servlet mapping, because the front-end of the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java always sends requests on such URL /document-viewer/* , at this moment you can change only .

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.

Best regards
Evgen Efimov
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