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Problem with encrypted PDF and DOCX-files

Dear team,
i am using GroupDocs Viewer DLL 18.4 with
When using GD_handler.GetDocumentInfo and GD_handler.GetPdfFile on encrpyted pdf and docx files I get a PasswordProtectedFileException (as far as I know there is no way to get the encryptions status of a file). After this the pdf/docx-file is blocked by the GroupDocs process, so I cannot rename or delete this file. Is there a way to release the files?
Thanks in advance!


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer and posting your issue here.

In order to investigate your scenario, would you please provide us the following:

  • A simple console application (source code without compilation errors) that can help us to reproduce the issue at our end
  • Sample PDF/DOCX files

We shall be looking forward to hearing from you.