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Problem with license file - conflict with Aspose.Words 14.5

my company already owns licence for Aspose.Words 14.5 and we are looking to buy GroupDocs.Conversion product…
I also received a temporary licence file for GroupDocs.Conversion today for evaluation purposes.

When I try to use GroupDocs.Conversion with Aspose.Words referenced in project it fails with licence error, but when I remove Aspose.Words completly from project it works fine.

Is it maybe some kind of licence issue, please advise me what to do?

Hi Matija,

Thank you for taking interest in GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET API.

We are sorry to hear that you are facing such issue. We have verified the scenario at our end found that there is no issue when you add reference Aspose.Words 14.5.0 or higher in project with GroupDocs.Conversion API license. Please click here to explore example project to explore GoupDocs.Conversion API features.

I am also attaching sample project with Aspose.Words Nuget package reference, hope it will help you to understand the API working and process of setting license using GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET API.

Have great weekend ahead.

Warm Regards,

thank you very much for your example which works perfectly.

However unfortunatly it didn’t resolve my problem :confused:

I will try to give you more information about my problem, and possible clues to source of my problems (in hope that we can solve my problem).

My application is web application (uses mvc) which is compiled on .NET framework 4.5.
I have referenced aspose.words 14.5 and groupdocs.conversion 17.5

It seems that my app load both licences fine and it throws exception when i call method ConversionHandler.Convert(stream, new HtmlSaveOptions());
Exception is in attachment.

Further I opened groupdocs.converion.dll in “telerik just decompile” and found out that it internaly references another version of aspose.words (17.5) also in attachment. It also looks like Aspose.Words and Gropdocs.Conversion have the same public token.

It seems to me like Gropdocs.Conversion is trying to use older version of aspose.Words for something.

As I metioned earlier when I remove Aspose.Words 14.5 dll from bin folder conversion to HTML works perfectly.

Any help or direction would be appriciated
Thank you in advance.


Hi Matija,

Thank you for sharing the details.

As per exception and the scenario mentioned it is clearly the exception of different versions used in your MVC application (Aspose.Words 14.5) and the versions internally used by the GroupDocs.Conversion API (Aspose.Words 17.5) which conflicts on run-time due to lots of changes and improvements in Aspose.Words API.

We suggest you to upgrade your application and always try to use the latest Aspose & GroupDocs API’s for better features, performance and support.

We are even though sharing this scenario with Product Team for any workaround, once we have any update from product team we will update you here.

Thank you for your understanding.

Warm Regards,


Thank you for your patience.

We got response from product team and they are unable to reproduce this scenario, kindly share your sample project to reproduce this issue at our end. This will help us to investigate on this issue.

Warm Regards,