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Problem with non english characters


We are trying to display several MSG and DOC files. As they are written in spanish, the output contains garbage instead the accent marks.

For example:

A continuaci\u195 ?\u179 ?n le adjuntamos la siguiente comunicaci\u195 ?\u179 ?n generada de la p\u195 ?\u179 ?liza indicada para su gesti\u195 ?\u179 ?n oportuna,

Is it possible to avoid this behavior?

Thanks and Regards.


Hi, there!

We are sorry to see that you got this problem.
To help you and fix it we need some input from you. Please, tell what platform you are using (.NET, Java or Cloud). Also, these files, that contain inappropriately rendered symbols, would be very helpful (you can attach them to the post or upload to some cloud storage service and provide links).