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QR Code Size is Smaller when Comparing Word Files in C#

I have to add one little thing though.
As I already reported for GroupDocs.Conversion, the barcode with the original size is pretty small.

image.png (59.1 KB)

If you compare it with output from word, the “small” normal sized barcode has 104 pixels, while the 200% “big” QR code has 208 pixels -> 200% the size.
The GroupDocs output of the “big” 200% barcode is pretty close to that with 197 pixels, but the “small” QR code with 100% size is only 57 pixels and not 98 or 99 pixels.
Maybe this will be fixed with the other reported issue anyway, I just want to make sure you are aware of it.

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We’re looking into this issue as well under same GroupDocs.Conversion ticket ID CONVERSIONNET-4952.

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