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Queries on features available on groupdocs.Comparison for PDF

  1. Do we have an option to compare PDF with a pre-existing PDF supplied as an input.
  2. Is there a feature which allows us to mask few fields(exclude from comparison) on PDF which are bound to change such as Invoice Date, Serial Number etc and return the result post validation of other fields/sections etc.
  3. Is there a mechanism where we can get a boolean response based on the result of comparison between two PDFs.
  4. All the above features can be explored with Trial version or a paid version is needed ?
  5. Where can I refer for some documentations related to the implementation of points 1-3.
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Please have a look at the following code and this documentation article.

try (Comparer comparer = new Comparer("C:\\source.pdf")) {

API takes a source and a target file as input and compare them. Now it is up to you how do you pass these files. See how documents could be loaded into the API.

Please have a look at this article - Accept or reject document changes. Let us know if it will meet your needs.

Do you mean a boolean response that must indicate if there was any difference between source and target PDF files?

You can avail a temporary license here in purchase wizard, this temporary license is actually a time restricted full license to evaluate the features.