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Query about GroupDocsViewer


Hii All,
I am using groupdocs viewer. I want to stop copy option from PDF in group docs Viewer.So please help me urgently.



Thank you for the question. To disable text selection and copying of it you just need to use .SupportTextSelection(false) in the Viewer widget.

Thank you.


Thnx Pavel .But there is one problem if any one right click on viewer then select copy option at that time text will be copied .So please provide solution for stopping this scenario. I mean to say that all copy option should be stopped in group docs viewer.



Actually its not working after writing this code it will also allow select text in viewer.


Hello again,

Please add such code line .EnableRightClickMenu(false)

Thank you.


Hi again,

Which engine mode of the GroupDocs.Viewer do you use, is it image based or HTML based (what you have set for the .UseHtmlBasedEngine())? IF you use .UseHtmlBasedEngine(false) or you don’t have this code line at all - add it and set it’s property to true

Thank you.


Thnx for immediate response .Now it is working properly .



Glad to hear that.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.


Hii Again,

Actually itz working file in local machine but it File will not previewed in document viewer if i am setting .UseHtmlBasedEngine(false). Please suggest me if you have any alternate solution.



I’m sorry to hear that you have such issue. It’s a very strange issue, you are the first one who faced with it. Sorry but from your request is not clear how to reproduce the issue. Please provide more info about it.
1. Version of the GroupDocs library?
2. Do you have any errors in the browser console?
3. Which browser do you use?
4. Does it works well on Visual Studio and failed on IIS?

Also please try to clear your project cache (delete “temp” folder from the root folder with documents which you set in the SetRootStoragePath), rebuild it in VS and try again.


Hii ,

I am using GroupDocs library of V-2.6.5455.19325.I am checking in Firefox and There is some error like “Error is null” and its stopping file preview.
If i am setting UseHtmlBasedEngine(true) then file will be previewed but it will fail to stop select text.It works fine in VS.


Thanx for response. Actually its work fine . I am having configuration issue in IIS and by correcting configuration its work nicely.


Sorry for the delay with the answer, but we glad to hear that your issue was resolved.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us, have a nice day.

Best regards
Evgen Efimov
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