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Question about performance problem


I’ve been try example Java Libraries project code from groupdocs that provide from your website.

And I try upload excel file size 5Mb to view document and I've face CPU and Memory problem on this case.

I want to ask about how can I tuning performance on this libraries. Thank you.

Hello Tanong,

Thank you for the interest in the GroupDocs. Sorry to see you get this issue.
In this case you can try few manipulations:
  1. If you are using maven, change the RAM usage limit (for example to 1Gb) – add/modify MAVEN_OPTS to contain “-Xmx1024M”
  2. Try different GroupDocs.Viewer rendering modes. It is controlled by the useHtmlBasedEngine option, when true – the HTML-based mode is on, when false – the image-based one is on.

Also, can you provide this file so we can examine the situation?