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Questions about the sdk for PHP


I’m interested to use your groupdocs sdk for PHP but when I started reading your source code several questions came to mind.

Your SDK do call an api located on your server, what for?
Your SDK do write files on the file system is for caching?

it possible to have the complete sdk + api source code (licensing?), so
that whatever document I would like to view, convert and etc, with your
sdk because I do need a total autistic sdk + api for my project. no outside connection and etc.



Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs. Yes, the API it slef is hosted on our server and all documents will be stored on our server as well. If you need stand alone version which you can host on your server please check our .NET or Java products.

Best regards.


Isn’t there a possibility of having a PHP stand alone? i’m more confortable to have a PHP app than the .Net or Java…



Thank you for the question. No, its not possible. Only .NET or Java is available as stand alone versions.

Best regards.