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"The page 1 can't be loaded" error

I am getting "The page 1 can't be loaded" error, when uploading a PPT file to docviewer.
This error is inconsistent. Sometimes we get, sometimes we don't get.

FYI, The webpage actually had around 5 docsviewers in it.

Can you help us resolve this inconsistent error?

Hi krishnanjvenkata,

Thanks for posting your query.

We will require some more information from you to get closer to the issue. Please provide the following information:

  • What is the version of the API?
  • What language you are using (C# or VB)?
  • Are you using some sample front end application? If yes, please provide the name.

We shall be waiting for your reply.

Warm Regards

Thanks for the reply!

1. Version of the API is
2. Language is C#
3. We are using normal DocsViewer.aspx(which is very similar to the sample code given along with this version) to view the documents.

Your help is very much appreciated.


Thank you for the details. I have tried to reproduce the issue but unfortunately I was not able - when I added several Viewer to the web page and opened the same document (refreshed the web page for the several times) all worked well. Since that could you please share with me the project example with the document that I can reproduce the issue.

Also I can advice you to migrate to the latest Viewer because the legacy Viewer 2.x version does’t supported any more. Please check this documentation for how to migrate.

Best regards.