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Hi, we have Developer OEM license from account ‘


Hi Egormarkov,

Thank you for coming back and sharing details.

We will further investigate on your raised issue. we will share our findings with you once we get reproduced this issue at our end.

Thank you for your Patience.

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Hello. Any fixes for my issues in new 3.5.0 release? should I update and try?


Hi Egormarkov,

GroupDocs.Conversion 3.5.0 release is based on Performance and other fixes. We are sorry for the delays as your raised issue “CONVERSIONNET-1158” is logged and under process right now. Due to its dependencies on back-end ASPOSE API we are facing delays, once its done we will immediately inform you. We recommend you to update your App with latest release.

Thank you for your patience.

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Any updates? My boss chaising me. We raised issue 4 month ago - it still not resolved. How to speed up the things?


Hi Egormarkov,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and delays. We have asked the product team regarding your issue’s current status "CONVERSIONNET-1158 " Once we get any response from product team, will immediately update you here.

Thank you for your patience.

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Another new crash from your library. Please check attached ZIP and let me know when it can be fixed.

Is it the right topic where i can post issues? Because i don’t see our problems reported far ago solved


Hi Egormarkov,

Thank you for coming back.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, we have investigated on your shared PDF document and during investigation we found that your file is password protected and without password in conversion process it is generating exception and may be this the reason for server crash. kindly try to convert the same file with password and share its password with us for further investigation, here is the sample code for password protected files conversion.

public static void ConvertToWordDocumentAdvanceOptions()
// Instantiating the conversion handler from custom common class
ConversionHandler conversionHandler = Common.getConversionHandler();

//Set password to unprotect protected document during loading
LoadOptions loadOptions = new LoadOptions { Password = “secret” };

// convert file to Doc, starting from page 2 and convert 2 pages,
SaveOptions saveOptions = new WordsSaveOptions
ConvertFileType = WordsSaveOptions.WordsFileType.Doc,
PageNumber = 2,
NumPagesToConvert = 2,


kindly note that your previously raised all issues are fixed and you can check status of issue on first page of this thread where issue number and status are mentioned.

If you will need any help or you will have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Warm Regards,



Thanks for your response.

Few questions:
1. If PDF app can show this file - it doesn’t mean that your app can convert to HTML, right?
2. Anyway, your app should catch any exception and not crash the server - because it crash - it stops Application Pool and our users having troubles to connect. Please raise an issue to dev team


Hi Egormarkov,

Thank you for the inquiry.

In case of PDF with password protected you can not convert it to any other format without inserting password, for this purpose you need to handle the such scenario in your code for now, regarding handling of these exception at API level, we will forward it to our product team. Once we get any update from them we will contact you here.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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No, this type of exception cannot be catched from our codes. we have global try catch block, but it cannot catch this one.


Hello Egormarkov,

Thank you for the details and clarification we have moved your raised point to the product team. after getting response from product team we will update you here.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hello Egormarkov,

We are further investigating your issue as per provided event logs. During investigation we have found that exceptions are caught in our try catch block. please have look on this screenshot for more details. For further investigation on this issue we need your sample code to know how you are applying global try catch, this information would be very helpful to regenerate the scenario at our end.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Warm Regards,


Hi Team. Can you update on the issues I’ve reported? Are all issues fixed in latest version?



Please share the sample project/source code with us. So that we can further investigate the issue. Your cooperation shall be appreciated in this regard.


This problem is solved already. I see something wrong with your forum - it missed few posts in this thread. Before new design i was having link to this thread as, but know it showing different thread. I’ve posted few other issues after the last message at 2 Mar. I have all replies in my email. Do you know whats wrong?



We are sorry for the inconvenience you are facing. Yes, we can see posts disordering due to data migration from old forums to the new. However, you will not face such issue(s) for the new threads that you’ll create. Furthermore, concerned team is looking into your missing posts. We’ll notify you about status of your reported issues ASAP.



We are pleased to inform you that the status of following issues is fixed.

Client Response - In-Proper conversion From PPTX to PDF, Image and Word Document formats.

While Converting Xlsx file to HTML with HtmlSaveOptions Specific Pages (Sheets) does not work.

Is there a way to enable default borders While converting Xlsx/Xls document to HTML.

Convert to HTML from Excel, PDF, MS Word overlaps the images AND some of Words with styling.

Could not open the file stream on azure.

FileType not supported Exceptions are not handled.

Convert to HTML from PDF - Words in Bold Letters are not properly displayed

PPTX to HTML Conversion - While converting pptx to html found improper text formatting of Header or missing text.

PPTX to HTML Conversion - Slide zoom level property

PPTX to HTML Conversion - Image without background converted with white background also white dot is added near Header Text.

Furthermore, we’ve forwarded your missing queries/threads issue with the concerned team. As we get any update from them, you shall be notified. We’ll appreciate your patience in this regard.


We are using the latest version 17.8.0 and getting ‘Evaluation only’ warning.
License applied with no errors using next code:

                    var licv = new GroupDocs.Conversion.License();

Ealier we used version 3.1.0 have no issue with license. Any API changed related to license?



We cannot reproduce this issue at our end. There is no API change related to license. Please see the screenshot attached. We can successfully apply license using the code you shared. Can you please share SubscriptionExpiry date from your license file? Please note that any change in license file can make it invalid.
apply license.JPG (32.2 KB)