Recent versions are very slow

I’m having a problem with the most recent versions of the Groupdocs.Conversion for java library.

The situation I have is as follows:

My PC:
Windows 10
4 processors and 2 Gb heap space in Java.
Application is built using JDK 8, running it on a JRE 13

I have a very simple word document.
Document Zwart.docx (12.0 KB)

The conversion is done with the following code:

Converter converter = converter = new Converter(m_file.getAbsolutePath());
PdfConvertOptions options = new PdfConvertOptions();
System.out.println("Starting document conversion.");
converter.convert(temppdffile.getAbsolutePath(), options);
System.out.println("Document conversion finished.");

When I do the conversion of the given document with Groupdocs.Conversion 23.11.1 or higher it takes 11 seconds to convert the file (time between the two logged lines in the code).

When I do the conversion with Groupdocs.Conversion 23.6.1 then it only takes 1.1 seconds.
So the newer libraries are 10 times slower then before, and is really unworkable in situations where a lot of documents need to conversed.

This really looks like a bug/issue in your newer versions that it is ten times slower now. Are there any options which could make it as fast as 23.6.1 again?

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@ravitsec I profiled the API and found two bottlenecks in the conversion process.
We are working on it’s fixing. I will update you when done.