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Hi,i used the following code to redact some area in .docx file

string path = “C:\PactCentral\DocumentStorage\c21de951-941c-41a9-a0b9-fcf3654661ca.docx”;
string outputPath = Path.Combine(“C:\PactCentral\”, “result” + Path.GetExtension(path));

        using (Annotator annotator = new Annotator(path))

            ResourcesRedactionAnnotation resourcesRedaction = new ResourcesRedactionAnnotation
                Box = new Rectangle((float)(132 * 1.07), (float)(187 / 1.5), 60, 25),
                CreatedOn = DateTime.Now,
                PageNumber = 0,



    <a class="attachment" href="/uploads/groupdocs/1794"></a> (382.0 KB)
        Console.WriteLine($"\nDocument saved successfully.\nCheck output in {outputPath}.");

in .docx files its moving(rectangle).

If this way is not correct means,support me to do right way…
Actually i have co-ordinate values of rectangle (left,right,height,width)…how to apply for rectangle box


Please have a look at this documentation article on resource redaction. Let us know if you get any issue.