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Regarding Aspose Viewer

I have seen following links which converts and then displays document in html 5 viewer.

Does aspose provides .net sdk to display such native files in html 5 viewer?
We have a requirement of displaying native files like xlsx, docx pdf,msg etc in html5 viewer with redaction functionality.

Please let me know if we can integrate this with aspose.

Thanks in advance.
Balmukunda Shrestha

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Using GroupDocs.Viewer API you can render/convert a document to HTML, Image or PDF format and then view it in browser. The core feature of API is to only convert source document to any of the supported file format (e.g. HTML) rest is up to your business logic, how to display the rendered file or output file in browser. As it is a back-end API (UI-independent), you can develop your own UI project to display the output.
Please tell us about your development environment (Java or .NET) and then we will assist you accordingly.