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Reimport annotations automatically


We are in need of the (last year) announced functionality to automatically import native PDF annotations from a PDF without pressing the import button.

There were no product updates for a long time and we were hoping to get at least smaller fixes much faster (like last year).

Can you please tell me a release date for the next version and the roadmap for the product?

Many thanks in advance!



Thank you for the request. New versions of the Annotation library was not released because we work on the brand new Annotation library which will have a lot of cool features (annotation import too). Since that we recommend you to wait for this new Annotation. Unfortunately we can’t share exact release date for the new Annotation. Please be patience and when we will have first version of the new Annotation we will notify you.

As for the import - could you please confirm that we understand you correct: you need feature which will allow you to import document with annotations programmatically, something like that:
var annotation = new AnnotationLib(“fileName”);

If yes, our product team will check it and I will get feedback from them tomorrow about possibility to add this feature and when it will be ready.

Thank you.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as ANNOTATION-1105) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi Pavel,

yes, that’s exactly what we need.

We also need a reliable release date. At least the quarter of the year. Somewhen, maybe 2016, does not fit in our roadmap!

Many thanks in advance!


The usecase is:

Programmatically import native annotations from a PDF (or Word) document and save them back to an external database like SharePoint or MS DynamicsNav to ensure that the annotations are shown (especially blackout) on external viewers (like Adobe Reader), too.



Thank you for coming back. We have added it to our road map. Our product team will check this feature and I will have more info about the date in a few days (probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow).

Best regards.


The day after tomorrow is some days ago. :wink:

Are there any news yet?


Thank you for posting and using GroupDocs.Annotation.

Our product team still working with this issue. For the sake of correction, we have logged this problem in our issue tracking system as ANNOTATION-1105. We have linked this forum thread to the same issue and you will be notified via this forum thread once this issue is resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Best regards,
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Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience. We have released new version of the GroupDocs.Annotation and in this version we have added annotations import feature. You can import annotations in such way:

var annotation = new AnnotationLib(“fileName”);

Please try this new version and new feature and then notify us with the results - is it what you need and is it work as you need.

Thank you.


Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately there is no AnnotationLib in GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 1.9.0. Are you sure we are talking about the same release?

What happened to DocumentsFactory? Was it removed?

Many thanks in advance!



I’m really sorry for this confusion. Here is how to import annotations in front-end (where you have Annotation widget code):

<%= new Groupdocs.Web.Annotation.WidgetFactory()

As you can see here we have new property: .EnableAnnotationsAutoImport(true) which will import all annotations from the .FilePath(“example.pdf”)

If you need to import annotations in beck-end (server side) you can do this with such code:
IAnnotationService svc = ObjectFactory.GetInstance();
svc.ImportAnnotations(null, “file name”);

Best regards.