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Remove Cache Entries (DocumentCache)


Hi Support,

In v2.18, there is a method called "RemoveOldEntries" under DocumentCache class. This method used to clean old cache entities. We are not able to locate this method for v3.0, could you please provide more detail how we can achieve this requimrents in v3.0.


[Parth Patel]


Hi team Groupdocs

Please share any update on this.
We area planing to build a stand alone application which will clear the cache for better performance.

[Puneet Rajak]


The issues you have found earlier (filed as VIEWERNET-459) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi Puneet.

Thanks for raising the feature request.

Yes, you are correct. I am unable to find such method in the new APIs:


Therefore, I have logged a feature request in our Issue Tracking System as VIEWERNET-459. Our product team is looking into the provision of this feature. This thread has been linked with the same issue so you get automated notification once a release addressing the fix is published.

Kind Regards

Hi Sabir,

This feature is really important for our implementation. Could you please let us know when this will be available because in next release (31st March), we need to include this functionality. So would request you to provide solution before this.

[Parth Patel]


Hi Patel,

Thank you for sharing about the urgency of the issue.

Our product team has performed an initial investigation and assigned it a release version 3.4.0. There are many issues in the queue and are mostly served on first come first serve basis and are resolved in a time period depending upon amount of work + complexity of the issue. I can see there are a number of issues reported from your side. Therefore, could you please provide a priority wise list of the issues so we can discuss with product team to schedule your most important issues first?

Best Regards



As you mention we have raised the priority wise list on below forum post.<o:p></o:p>

Please response the following as soon as possible
1. Any further details require

2. Date of fixes release.

3. confirmation response so we can share with our customer that fixes is in progress.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Puneet,

Thank you for a follow up in this thread.

Please notice my reply on the same thread you mentioned:

Best Regards