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Render document from stream in C# Windows From application


Where can I find an example of a Win Forms project using GroupDocs.Viewer product? We are trying to integrate this package with an existing Win Forms application but are having trouble making stream based objects view properly.

We are successfully creating the objects from the stream from the web service but the viewer only seems to work when we save it back as a file. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


GroupDocs.Viewer also supports rendering document directly from the stream objects and you won’t have to save the stream as a physical file before rendering. Just pass the stream object to the API and it will render the document as HTML pages or images. For code sample, please visit this documentation article.

You can download this sample Windows Forms application that demonstrates how you can render and view the document using the stream object without saving as file. The application displays the rendered HTML content without saving it as HTML file. The source document is located in bin/debug/storage folder. Hope it helps.

I would love access to the sample WinForms application you created that demonstrates how you can render and view an HTML document using the stream object without saving as file. Can you provide that to me?


You can download the sample WinForms document viewer application from here.

I would also be interested in the sample application


You can explore this application. The core feature of the API is to render a source document to PDF, Image or HTML formats (depends on your use-case). Once the output is generated, you have to develop a logic to get the output or the rendered files from the output directory/folder and display in the application (Web/browser or Window Forms).

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