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Render PDF and Word into HTML pages in memory


I am totally new to this product. My company has assigned me to evaluate GroupDocs.Viewer.
We have a specific need to load any document (pdf, word, excel, etc) into memory in HTML format. The idea is to give a preview of the document in an Angular web application. Once loaded in HTML format, the user can interact with the preview, for example navigate between pages.

Can someone show me how to achieve that in C#? I have downloaded the sample code, but I can’t find any example which does what I am looking for.

Thank you.


Hi @sandieng

Please check example that is using GroupDocs.Viewer to render the documents and Angular UI to display rendered HTML. Clone or download the project and run it in Visual Studio. The first run may take a while as NPM will download and install all the dependencies.
You can also request a temporary license at to skip trial limitations.

Thank you. I worked out the solution myself, but your sample will give me some other ideas.


You’re welcome!