Replace mergefield fields in Word template



About to evaluate groupdocs.assembly for .NET.

Our customers have existing Word document templates that are used to generate letters using a home-grown solution. The Word templates use standard MERGEFIELD fields in the template that are then replaced at runtime.

Is it possible to use groupdocs.assembly to populate the existing MERGEFIELD fields in the template?




Hi Nick,

Thank you for your interest in GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET

Unfortunately you cannot populate existing “MERGEFIELD” fields in the template files using GroupDocs.Assembly. The API follows it own template syntax which is very simple and easy to use and allows you to customize it according to your requirements.

I would suggest you to use the template syntax supported by GroupDocs.Assembly in your Word document template files. Please have a look at the product’s documentation specifically the syntax section to have a clear idea about the API’s engine. Moreover I recommend you to download the project hosted on github and run all the examples related to the API which will help you in understanding the API’s working.

Let us know in case you find something missing or ambiguous.
Best Regards,