Replace text in (Word, Excel, ppt, pdf) file in GroupDocs

Hello Team,

I am using GroupDocs Total product, now I have a scenario where while viewing a document (Word, Excel, ppt, pdf) in GroupDocs Viewer user can change a respective text for example in the document there will be fields like (#Ref001, #Ref002, #Ref003) and I will give user some textbox with Id’s Ref001, Ref002, Ref003. if user enters anything in the textbox, then the text in the document should be replaced with the entered text.

I am using Png as well as Html Viewer to view the documents and my product version is 20.8.

I am planning to use GroupDocs Redaction for the same. but how will I show the replaced text in viewer without refreshing the page?

do I need to call loadDocumentDescription and loadDocumentPage Api’s again to make the changes reflect in my Viewer after the text replacement?

A detailed explanation would be appreciated.


Yes, you have to retrieve the changes after you replace the text. In case you’re using cache make sure to remove it before requesting the changes.