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Requesting pdb files for for .Net

Recently we happened to upgrade GroupDocs.Search from v20.1 to v20.6 for DotFx 4.8.
Now it started throwing “Invalid License” exception while setting the License. The exception message seems to be misleading as the License file is valid one.

In order to debug the root cause of this issue, it would be really helpful if you could provide the Symbol(.pdb) files for debugging.


Are you using any other GroupDocs or Aspose APIs along-with the Search API? If yes, please try the following workarounds to get rid of this issue:

  1. Disable or uncheck auto-generate binding. Have a look at this screenshot.png (26.4 KB)
  2. If step 1 doesn’t work, disable assemblyBinding section in app.config

If none of the solutions work, please share following details and we’ll investigate this scenario:

  • All (GroupDocs or Aspose) APIs and their versions that you are using other than GroupDocs.Search
  • A simple console application using that issue could be reproduced

Hi i tried out both steps.

i’m using following API’s,

GroupDocs.Annotation V20.6
GroupDocs.Conversion V20.6
GroupDocs.Editor V20.6
GroupDocs.Parser V20.6.1
GroupDocs.Redaction V20.2
GroupDocs.Search V20.6
GroupDocs.Signature V20.6
GroupDocs.Viewer V20.6.1
GroupDocs.Watermark V20.5.0
GroupDocs.Merger V20.5.0

Aspose.Words 20.8.0

These dll’s used in application.

i already tested by creating a console application with same license but no exception.

all functionality works fine.

(console app works fine) but real time application After upgrading dll from(20.1,19.11…) to latest version ,i’m getting exceptions.


We tried to reproduce this issue using the above mentioned API versions. This issue reproduces if auto-generate binding is enabled. Once, it is disabled, there is no such exception. Please have a look a this (2.9 MB). In order to further investigate this issue, we need a sample application from you.

Thanks for Video.

Can i get the used API Versions in that application or same versions used which is mentioned in previous reply.


Please download this application. We cannot reproduce the issue using this sample project.