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Responsive behavior for Viewer


We are using Group Docs Viewer version 3.6.0. We encountered several issues while trying to make the viewer responsive in nature by applying our style sheets. Can you tell us whether any built in scripts or methods available to make the viewer responsive to the container.

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In order to answer your query, we will require some more information from side. Are you asking for responsiveness of the rendered HTML pages or responsiveness of the container (which is a div in sample document viewer applications) that contains the rendered html pages of some document? We shall be looking forward for your response.

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Hi Usman,

We would like to make the container (which is a div in sample document viewer applications) to be responsive.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

Unfortunately, responsive behavior of the viewer container is not implemented in the open source document viewer applications. Also, there are no builtin scripts available to achieve this feature. However, I am logging a request to check if there is any possibility to make the viewer responsive. You can follow this link for further updates related to this issue.

Furthermore, as the applications are open source, you can also try if you can achieve this using your own CSS and JavaScript and contribute your code to the official GitHub repository of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET by making a pull request.

In case of any confusion, please feel free to ask.

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Dear Customer,

Your requested feature, logged in GitHub issues as, has been implemented. Please download updated source code of the application.

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