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Returning .NET Signature Script from WebService



Is it possible to augment the WebFormsDemo .NET Signature example project to have a webService that returns the signature script from a document located on the internet ? I have achieved similar functionality with the .NET Viewer as shown below:

public string GetInlineDocumentScript(String url, String fileName)
string groupdocsViewerScript;

groupdocsViewerScript = Viewer.ClientCode()
.Url(url, fileName)
return groupdocsViewerScript;


Hi John,

Thank you for the request. Unfortunately the current Signature library doesn’t have such feature. But, soon we will release a next generation of the Signature library which will allow this. Please wait for the release and then migrate to the new library.

We will notify you when it will be available and if you will have any questions about it please make a new forum request and mark it with 3.0 version in the subject.

Best regards.