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Rich UI spreadsheet viewer using .NET


I am a software developer from broadcom.

We use .NET MVC, and we need a service to display spreadsheets online.

We found a demo of such viewer on your website (, but we need something with a richer UI, something like Syncfusions ej2 spreadsheet(
I also found a demo video of your viewer ( but it didn’t contain any spreadsheet demo.

Do you have something similar in your kit?
Are there any screenshots?

Thank you very much

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First of all please note that GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is a back-end/UI-Independent API that can be integrated in any .NET project without any third party tool/software dependency.

You can download this open-source example .NET MVC project here. Please have a look at the supported file formats. So, if you run this demo project, you can render/view a Spreadsheet.

How GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API works?
API takes a source document input and then renders it to HTML, Image or PDF file format. Later, this output could be viewed in your application (e.g. web, desktop).

As mentioned earlier, API is UI-Independent, you can modify your front end as much as possible (e.g. add multiple UI controls).
We’d recommend you to explore our UI and console example projects to get better understanding about the API features and then integrate API in your rich UI.

Thank you for the quick response!
So, just for clarification, you don’t offer a library to display spreadsheets without transforming it to flat format(html, image or pdf), right?
Also you don’t offer any client side solution, right?
Because we need something that can display specific cells, let the user select them and possibly modify them.

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Our sister company Aspose offers Aspose.Cells that has two GUI controls Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop (a grid control) for .NET desktop applications, Aspose.Cells.GridWeb, another web Asp.NET based grid control.

Yes, we don’t offer a fully client side solution.

In grid controls, you may select cells, edit cells, save/re-save excel files. Please explore Aspose.Cells for .NET and see if it meets your requirements. You can post any concerns regarding Aspose.Cells here.

Thank you.
Do you know where can I find an online demo of the GridWeb?

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Please have a look at Aspose.Cells online app here.