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RTF to TIFF conversion time .NET

Hi All,

The program I am using currently to evaluate Groupdocs is taking me around 11 seconds to convert each RTF to TIFF file. May I know if 11 seconds is the normal time that Groupdocs take for such conversion? We have a huge amount of files to convert (around a million files) and the time taken for each conversion is therefore significant in our evaluation of the product.

This is slightly on the slower end compared to another product that I am evaluating, which takes less than 1 second (~500 milliseconds) to convert each file.

I got the conversion method from the Groupdocs website and is as follows:

public static void Run()
string outputFolder = @“D:\Program Files\VS Community\Projects\GD\ConsoleApp1\Output”;
string outputFileTemplate = Path.Combine(outputFolder, “Images example_GroupDocs3 (adjusted).tiff”);

        using (Converter converter = new Converter(@"D:\Program Files\VS Community\Projects\GD\ConsoleApp1\Input\Images example.rtf"))
            ImageConvertOptions options = new ImageConvertOptions
                Format = ImageFileType.Tiff,
                HorizontalResolution = 300, VerticalResolution = 300

            converter.Convert(outputFileTemplate, options);

        Console.WriteLine("\nConversion to jpg completed successfully. \nCheck output in {0}", outputFolder);

Hope you could advise me on this. Thanks!


Please note that the conversion process also depends on document content. Can you please share one of the sample RTF files. We’ll then look into this scenario.

aNumberedList example - (12.0 KB)

Hi @atirtahir3

thanks for your reply. I have uploaded a sample file here for your reference. Do let me know if you are able to view. Thanks!

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We converted the provided RTF file to TIFF (using a valid license) and it took 6-7 seconds. However, if we don’t apply license API takes almost 11 seconds. If you don’t have a valid license, you can request a temporary license for the complete API evaluation here. Follow the purchase (152.9 KB) and on step 5 you can avail a temporary license.