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Ruby API Issue w/ Document Content



Has stopped working (was functional last week, now returns a 400 error). I assume that the ‘html’ argument is invalid, where can I see a list of accepted content types?


Hello Brendan,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. The 'html' argument is valid. We tested this method in our Cloud API console (!/document/GetDocumentContent_GET) with GUID of HTML document and it works well for us (it doesn't return the 400 error).

The last week we had new release for Cloud, and it's possible that there was some issues, so we want to reproduce the issue you have and we need your help to reproduce the issue. We will continue to test your problem, it will be very helpful if you could share with us GUID of the document which you use.

Also you can test the method via our Cloud Api console (!/document/GetDocumentContent_GET) and share with us results if there will be error.

Here you can see what types of formats you can use for obtain content using this method - .


Hi Pavel, thanks for getting back to me.

Here’s the GUID: a9188c95b63f0e345ec91e51fcb7c1d5df4a15e7306647b85270756504057b52

In the future, where can we be informed of new releases, or check our code against the development version?



Hi Pavel,

Any update on this?



Thank you for coming back. We checked the method with provided file GUID and found out bug in our API. This bug will be fixed and rolled out as hot fix soon.

Please feel free to contact us if you will have more questions.


Hello Brendan,

Thank you for your patience. We fixed the issue and now all works well for us. Could you please check if it’s work well for you too and notify us if all ok.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.